Can You Pass The Wardrobe Checklist?

Wardrobe Essentials For 2020

A fresh start brings more opportunity. Why not start fresh by replacing and updating items within your wardrobe? It’s the perfect time to focus on YOU!



First, restock your staple shirts. These options are typically solid and include white, blue, and pale pink. If the fabric is still available, your Stylist can even remake your favorites.


Trousers tend to wear faster than jackets. If your worn trousers are holding you back from completing your suit, consider ordering a back up pair. 

If you have an existing suit that has a bold pattern, order a solid pair of trousers to create an extra outfit. Master the art of interchangeability. 


Freshen up your shoe game by customizing a new pair of dress or casual shoes. Consider what you do not have in your closet. Do you have every shade of brown? Are you missing a pair of black shoes for formal occasions? Would you like to try out a funky pair?

Whether or not one of your New Year’s resolutions was to shift your focus on your attire, try prioritizing it. We can assure you that you will feel more more confident, receive more compliments, and take your style to the next level.